General Contractor

As a general contractor who needs to successfully execute a project in accordance with the contract documents – while staying on budget and on time – managing your time and finances is crucial to your business. Our solutions allows contractors that juggle several types of projects to organize their assets as well as their own client’s assets. General Contractors also must manage the risk of supplying or subcontracting the necessary materials, services, labor, and equipment to get the job done. Our construction accounting and project management software solutions provide the right tools necessary to ensure your success.

Heavy / Highway

Contractors that build roads and other infrastructure projects have specialized needs for their industry. Heavy/Highway contractors succeed or fail by managing unit costs, equipment, and labor: requiring a specific system to heavy construction that has the ability to do many things like equipment and unit productivity costing, as well as strong tracking for labor, equipment, and materials. Explorer makes sure you have the right modules to manage areas that heavy/highway companies are involved in, such as selling asphalt, use of outside haulers, and an integrated equipment shop system to keep your equipment working.

Specialty Contractor

Whether you specialize in roofing, flooring, plumbing, electrical, or some other specialty, the Explorer Software Group has a world-class solution for you. Easily monitor profitability on any job with completely up-to-date information through state-of-the-art analytics and reporting capabilities. Execute best practices and improve your performance by monitoring your productivity while maintaining full control. Our strong job cost, payroll, and purchasing modules are designed for self-performing contractors like you and greatly increase your ability to manage all tasks and large projects.

Service Contractor

Out of all contractors, Service Contractors must have the management tools necessary to keep their company profitable. With the cost of work force labor continually on the rise in this ever evolving industry, it is crucial to have analytical tools and security measures in place for monitoring each and every job minute-by-minute, rather than month-by-month. Monitor labor, track sales performance and commissions, with full integration to accounting, asset management and more.


Our homebuilder software solutions provide end-to-end solutions for homebuilders and address every need from land development to warranty and sales solutions. The specific needs of a homebuilder cannot be met by generic accounting or resource planning software. It is a specified sub industry of the construction management field that requires specific and intelligent solutions. Our software ensures homebuilders always know what’s happening in all phases of the project. With your intuitive knowledge of production building, combined with our homebuilder software solutions, you can make informed decisions and respond to each and every change in your plans as it happens.


Subcontract management and project collaboration are absolute necessities as an electrical contractor. Your construction management software must be able to coordinate project teams with accounting, without duplicating important data. This should be done without sacrificing real-time project data or security requirements, while maintaining a high level of subcontract processing. Our software has the ability to do just that, through a fully integrated solution that starts with job cost and ends at project completion. We provided an easy-to-use interface that offers detailed reporting. In a field where knowing actual costs vs. budget and committed costs are critical, we deliver with change order tools and useful cost to completion analysis to keep you informed. Leading electrical contractors are leveraging technology solutions to enhance the productivity and efficiency of their teams — both at the field level and in the office. Now is the time to make technology work for you.


As a mechanical contractor you know how important service is to your business. Combine those needs with complex inventory control and purchasing requirements, and your are met with the challenge of finding a comprehensive construction management software solution to manage your diverse requirements. From service management to accurate inventory control, we provide the information required to dispatch, apply costs, and report on work orders and jobs. Our Time and Material (T&M) Billing module will keep Accounts Receivable flowing with the ability to quickly generate T&M invoices during the progression of work. Experience complete integration between Job Cost and Service Management, ensuring all costs are correctly accounted for. With the ability to import price lists by part number or service item into customized price matrices for customers, you are in control. Our software for Mechanical contractors is second to none in organization, inventory control, service and many more.

Complex Retail

Our Trader software combines powerful accounting functionality with stock management and sales management to create a complete business management system for complex retail, wholesale and distribution. Trader has been used within a diverse range of businesses across the UK and Ireland for a number of years, from builders merchants and hardware stores to hair and beauty suppliers. Over this time the system has developed a loyal customer base. Trader is designed to allow customers to implement best-practice processes for their businesses, from order processing and inventory management, to customer service and financial control, whatever the size and scale of their business operations.