Randall Brous

Headshot of Randall Brous

Randall Brous

President, MPulse Software, AllMax, TeamWORKS, EPAC

Randall joined MPulse Software in 1996 after spending several years in residential and industrial construction.  He has dedicated his nearly three decades of experience to innovating information technology in industrial and facilities settings.

Randall has served in wide range of roles during his time at MPulse. Beginning in sales, he transitioned to support after 3 years.  Those duties proved the perfect training ground for later roles, first as Product Manager for the MPulse Software product line, then serving concurrently as the Head of Technical Infrastructure. In 2011, he was appointed as the company’s Chief Technology Officer, where his customer-centric, user-first approach to industrial technology design and implementation has elevated MPulse as a leader in the maintenance management software sector.

Following JDM Technology Group’s March 2017 acquisition of MPulse, Mr. Brous was appointed the company’s President on September 1, 2019. Today, he is also responsible for AllMax Software, TeamWORKS, and EPAC.

Throughout this time, Randall has guided several thousand maintenance management software implementations in diverse industries, including higher education, manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, energy, defense, food processing, hospitality, healthcare, and many more.  He is a leading expert in the successful implementation and effective usage of maintenance management software products.

Randall is an avid international traveler and the board president for a local community theater. He’s an accomplished amateur actor, appearing in numerous community theater productions each year. He’s also obsessed with fly fishing and if he’s not at work or on the stage … he’s probably standing in a river waving a stick.