Creating Powerful Solutions for Today’s Complex Requirements

We strive to provide our clients with exceptional software and solutions that create a meaningful impact on their bottom line

Global Reach

With customers on every continent, we have a diverse customer base of more than 14,000+ customers and employ more than 550+ staff. JDM has a core business philosophy of long-term commitment to customer service, coupled with providing the best possible solutions to customers, we ensure every business we operate functions with the customer’s needs at the forefront. Our industry specific solutions are functionally rich, scalable, and designed to handle the complex and ever evolving requirements of the construction industry and built environment. Our global reach is unparalleled in the construction and built environment software industry. There’s no problem that our solutions can’t fix, whatever the time zone, language or location.

Flexible Approach

Our approach is one that incorporates a flexible and balanced look at every client’s individual areas of need. We combine state of the art software and communication tools with our industry professionals, resulting in performance that is second to none. We span every continent and more than 40 countries in multiple languages and time zones. Our flexible approach provides us with the freedom, speed, cohesiveness, flexibility and communication that sets us apart in the construction management and built environment software industry.

Experienced Partnership

Partnering with some of the most forward-thinking pre-construction, construction, and built environment software groups in the world gives us a major edge in this ever-evolving field. We have acquired numerous companies as a means to add to our portfolio of software and services and rate of growth. These companies are a part of what makes us one of the largest suppliers of enterprise software for the construction industry and built environment. As we continue to grow, we encourage other businesses to get in touch about how we can work together and share our expertise moving forward.

Employee Development

Our success is based on combining a detailed knowledge of customer market requirements with highly developed IT skills, and we attribute that success to our dedicated and professional employees who deliver these solutions. We are committed to the personal and professional development of all of our employees and aim to recruit individuals who thrive in a fast moving and dynamic environment.

Environmental Policy

We wish to act as responsible citizens within our society. The way that we interact and impact our environment is a fundamental element of how we work. We are committed to reducing our impact upon the environment and as a responsible employer we will strive to promote an understanding of sustainability through our staff and through their interaction with our customers.

Social Responsibility

As a successful company we believe we have a social responsibility to help those less fortunate than ourselves. We try to do this in a variety of ways. Every Christmas each employee is given monies to donate to their chosen charity or charities. As we are an IT company that constantly upgrades its hardware and infrastructure we have donated surplus computer equipment to various schools and charities. Our employees donate time to maintain orphanages and for new home construction in Mexico. We support projects which benefit young women and children living in Rwanda and India and Nepal. We are also pleased to be a patron of the charity CRASH, the construction and property industries’ charity for homeless people in the UK.

We are constantly evolving

JDM Technology Group buys exceptional vertical market software companies. At JDM, we take a long-term approach.
We employ a buy and build strategy, acquiring software solution providers to grow market share and top line revenue.

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