JDM has a people first approach that makes us a great home for your design, construction, operations, or maintenance software business. If you're interested in selling your business, we'd love to help.

JDM is a great home for construction software businesses.

“We are pleased to have found a good home for the EPAC business moving forward. Joining the JDM group represents a great opportunity for our customers and employees, with access to additional resources, and technology, expanded global footprint and ensures the continued growth and longevity of the business.”

- C. Paul Oberg, EPAC co-founder

"Joining a global group with deep roots in the construction industry will allow Maestro to create new value and opportunities for our customers, while our software and technology can be applied on a global scale.”

- Robert Meunier, Maestro Technologies founder

“Our passion for value-driven software and service aligns nicely with JDM’s customer-focused approach. After years of searching, we can now give our customers what they so desperately need; an integrated asset / information management system to simplify their world.”

- Lori Morton, AerieHub founder

“Not only does JDM bring industry expertise and global resources to the business, but their focus on people means it will be a good home for our customers and our employees.”

- Rick Wright & Elizabeth Stom, Builder Software Tools co-founders

Revenues of $2M+

Hundreds or Thousands of Customers

Strong Market Share in a Niche Vertical Market

Unique Product Offering

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