Jérôme Guay

Headshot of Jérôme Guay

Jérôme Guay

Founder & President, Mobile-Punch

Jérôme is the founder and President of Mobile-Punch. After spending many years running his own construction business, Jérôme founded Mobile-Punch in 2016 with the goal of helping businesses tackle many of the timesheet management issues he had experienced firsthand.

When Mobile-Punch was acquired by JDM Technology Group in 2023, Jérôme was asked to stay on as President so he could continue to oversee the day to day operations of the company. Jérôme is a strong leader with great vision and exceptional problem solving skills. He has been instrumental in helping Mobile-Punch customers simplify time management, save money and manage projects in real time.

Jérôme lives near Quebec City where he enjoys hiking and boating. He also spends time chauffeuring and cheering on his children from the sidelines as they play soccer and football.