Kris Beliakoff

Headshot of Kris Beliakoff

Kris Beliakoff

President, AerieHub

Kris joined AerieHub in 2016 after more than twenty years in technology, science, and business. She has managed organizations from one to 500 individuals with budgets of dreams to millions. Drawing on her experiences as a comptroller, president of a telecommunications equipment firm, organizational leader, and educator, Kris was instrumental in expanding the AerieHub’s capabilities to meet market demands. She played a leading role in building creative and responsive development and service teams.

Kris previously served AerieHub as Director of Operations. She provided successful strategies for improving processes and procedures, streamlining costs, improving value, adding services, and increasing efficiency. As Vice President of Development, she continued to bring building owners, software, and services together to provide quick access to accurate facility information. Clients depend on AerieHub as their one stop application for facility drawings & technical documents, space information management, compliance management, and training management. Its intuitive cloud‐based solution is used by North American clients across numerous sectors including healthcare, education, manufacturing, and entertainment.

Kris was appointed the company’s President following JDM Technology Group’s September 2022 acquisition of AerieHub. With a master’s degree from the University of Florida, she enjoys a technical challenge and feels fulfilled when the final step is teaching another to employ new strategies or technologies.

A California native now deeply rooted in South Carolina, Kris is mom to three and an avid gardener, hiker, kayaker, and traveler of the world. She believes in personal connections, high standards and keeping a promise, which makes for long hours at times, but usually happy results.