Nicholas Lacenski

Headshot of Nicholas Lacenski

Nicholas Lacenski

President, Penta Technologies & STRUXI

Nick is a big thinker who understands complex business strategy and execution. He is passionate about creating high performing teams that deliver innovative and practical solutions to existing problems.

During his career at Penta Technologies, Nick worked in several different roles, including QA Analyst, Product Analyst, and Product Owner. He was appointed President of Penta Technologies and STRUXI in 2024.

Nick is a skilled communicator and collaborative leader who works closely with his teams to ensure company goals are met without sacrificing individual product goals. He has a proven track record of delivering ROI while surpassing customer expectations. His management of the P&L and product strategy at Penta resulted in hundreds of exciting new features and a 20% increase in profitability.

Outside of work, Nick enjoys watching football and hockey, international travel, and spending time outdoors with his 2 dogs.