Todd Boxberger

Headshot of Todd Boxberger

Todd Boxberger

President, MPulse Software, TeamWORKS, EPAC

Todd is a U.S. Navy veteran who joined MPulse Software in 2001 after working several years in the oil and gas industry. He has dedicated his twenty plus years of experience to serving customers and building an incredible team that empower organizations to manage maintenance using our world class Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) in industrial and facilities settings.

Todd has served in a wide range of roles during his time at MPulse. Beginning in sales, he transitioned to a software trainer/implementation consultant. Those duties, along with various support roles proved the perfect training ground for later roles, as Director of Implementation Services.

Following JDM Technology Group’s March 2017 acquisition of MPulse, Mr. Boxberger was promoted to Vice President in January of 2020. He was later appointed the company’s President on August 1, 2023. Today, he is also responsible for TeamWORKS and EPAC.

Throughout this time, Todd has guided numerous maintenance management software implementations both domestically and internationally. He and his team have served customers in diverse industries, including higher education, manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, energy, defense, food processing, hospitality, healthcare, and many more. Todd is a leading expert in the successful implementation and effective usage of maintenance management software products.

In his free time, Todd enjoys traveling, fishing and spending time with his growing family. He’s also a die hard Washington Commanders fan.